Zagreb is a fun and adventurous place for visitors of all ages. There are places to see and things to do on almost every corner of the city. While adults usually want to try new foods, go sightseeing and have a relaxing holiday, children have a different set of expectations. Only the most exciting experiences stay in their memories. To help you plan your trip, we made a list of 5 attractions in Zagreb your children will love.


Museum of Illusions


Museum of Illusions is certainly a treat for the whole family. Are you big or small, close by or far away? Is the floor you’re standing on levelled or tilted? Challenge your mind and see for yourself how optical illusions distort your perception of what’s real and what’s not. The museum has more than 70 exhibits, including the Rotated Room, Anti-gravity Room, Infinity Room and the largest collection of holograms in Eastern Europe.

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Nikola Tesla Technical Museum


Inspire your children to take an interest in science with a visit to Nikola Tesla Technical Museum. There are numerous departments to explore such as the Cabinet of Nikola Tesla where visitors can learn about Nikola Tesla’s childhood, education, life and work through various multimedia content. In the Energy Transformation department visitors can see the historical development of devices and machines made to transform energy from one form to another and find out why each of the devices played an important role in the making of modern day civilisation. The Astronautics Department exhibits models of famous space crafts, rocket-carriers and orbital stations and the Planetarium uses a specially designed projector to show visitors the starry sky from the North Pole to the Equator at any time of the night and any time of the year.

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Zagreb Puppet Theatre

The love of theatre starts at a young age. Visually appealing and engaging puppet shows are just the thing to kick start a passion that lasts a lifetime. Zagreb Puppet Theatre has been providing high quality puppet shows since 1948. Performances are aimed at family audiences and include fairy tale classics such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Ridding Hood, The Ugly Duckling and Cinderella as well as Croatian classics White Deer, Hedgehog’s Home and more.

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Park Maksimir and Zagreb ZOO


Maksimir Park is Zagreb’s oldest public park, dating back to the late 18th century. Once you come through the entrance you would never know it was situated in the middle of a big city, with lakes, streams, trees and flowers all around. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle where children can freely run around and adults can take in the gorgeous scenery. There are also two playgrounds for children to enjoy, a restaurant right at the main entrance as well as a few historical buildings. Another reason why Park Maksimir is attractive to families is the ZOO. From mammals, amphibians and reptiles to invertebrates, fish and birds Zagreb ZOO has an impressive collection of animals.

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Backo Mini Express


Many children’s books and nursery rhymes were written about trains, cars and buses, and for good reason. Young children are simply amazed with anything and everything that moves and makes sounds. Some take that enthusiasm and make it a passion later in life. Scale model “BACKO MINI EXPRESS” covers an impressive 70 square meters with 150 locomotives, 1 000 wagons, 1050 meters of rails, 300 points and crossings, 300 meters of roads for electrical cars and 2500 real-life details. Enter the magical world of trains where everyone can be a train operator for a day and imagination has no limit.

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