City of Zagreb

Welcome to City of Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and the economic, administrative, political, scientific and cultural centre of the country. Zagreb, as we know it today, was formed around two settlements from the Middle Ages: Gradec and Kaptol. The oldest written record of Zagreb dates back to 1094 when the Hungarian king Ladislav established the Kaptol diocese. Steeped in history, the city combines the old and the new with historic buildings integrated in the modern city structure. Zagreb is a vibrant city attractive to visitors all year long. Theatres, art galleries, museums, restaurants and night clubs keep the city alive. There won’t be a dull moment during your stay whenever you choose to visit.

Getting There

Zagreb is Croatia’s main transportation hub with the best road, railway and air connections to the rest of Croatia and Europe. Zagreb airport offers flights from and to most major cities in Europe plus Qatar and the UAE. Read More

International bus and train services run frequently all year round. Public transportation in Zagreb is well developed and you can get around ether by tram, bus or train as well as with taxi services and Uber.

At a Glance

Zagreb is a fun and adventurous place for visitors of all ages. Museums such as the Croatian School Museum, Museum of Illusions and Nikola Tesla Science Museum make a fun day out with the kids. Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Trešnja Municipal Theatre and Ribica Children’s Theatre feature shows for even the youngest of children to enjoy. There are also plenty of parks and playgrounds all over the city where you can get some fresh air and sunshine while the kids burn off some of their energy. Most children love animals so plan an afternoon at the Zagreb ZOO, located in Zagreb’s biggest park Maksimir.

The streets of Zagreb are known for coming to life, when the weather gets warmer, with cafes, restaurants and bars on every corner. Terraces get filled with people sipping coffee and chatting away. Ban Jelačić square is a great starting point for your romantic adventure with beautiful architecture and lots to see. Get the best view of the city from the top of Zagreb Skyscraper conveniently situated right by the square. A quick walk gets you to the tallest building in Croatia: Zagreb Cathedral, specific for its gothic style architecture. Saint Mark’s square is also close by and shouldn’t be missed. For a memorable experience visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum is dedicated to failed relationships, showcasing objects reminiscent of broken bonds sent to the museum from ex-lovers from all over the globe. This exhibit is certainly unique and will make you appreciate your partner even more. Even though Zagreb is a large city with lots of manmade structures, it also has a lot of greenery and open spaces. The Botanical Garden is beautiful to visit in Spring when all the flowers are in bloom, you can ether tour the garden by yourself or in a group guided by experts and learn about the history of the garden and the process of growing and maintaining different plant types. Parks Zrinjevac, Ribnjak and Maksimir make the city that much greener in contrast to the buildings and busy streets. If you want to completely get away from the hustle and bustle go for a day trip to Medvednica Nature Park located just outside of the city.

The capital is full of young people and those who feel young at heart. Being active is a big part of their lifestyle. There are numerous indoor and outdoor facilities built for recreational and training purposes. Sports centres Šalata, Mladost and Dom Sportova, among others, have swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, ice skating rinks (during Autumn and Winter) and more. If you prefer being outdoors then head on over to Lake Jarun and spend a few hours cycling, rollerblading or jogging.

Lake Jarun is a popular relaxation and recreation spot where locals go to relax, catch a bit of vitamin D and do some excercise. The 2 kilometres long, artificial lake has walking paths and cycling trails circling all around it. Located right by the beach are restaurants and bars with open terraces and a view overlooking the lake. On weekends and on some weekday nights, Jarun becomes a hot spot for young party goers. Several nightclubs organise parties, host international DJ-s and get packed with people having a great time until the early hours of the morning. Jarun isn’t the only party location in Zagreb. Scattered across the city you will find bars and clubs playing a variety of music genres and sometimes hosting live acts. Arena Zagreb, the biggest sports arena in Croatia, is not only used for sports events but also serves as the main stage for music artists from all over the world. Beyonce, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, Tom Jones and Lenny Kravitz are just some of the many famous names which performed in Zagreb Arena since it opened in 2009. Have a look at who’s taking the stage during your stay in Zagreb and you may even catch a show of your favourite artist. Be sure to book tickets early because most events get sold out months in advance.

Enjoying a delicious meal, you haven’t tried before is something everyone remembers whenever they visit a new destination. The great thing about Zagreb is that restaurants serve specialities from all over Croatia, so you can experience Croatian cuisine at its finest. Some restaurants in the city offer dishes influenced by Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine among others. Menus and prices vary but everyone can find something that will fit their budget without having to compromise on the quality or taste of food. If you love cooking, you should visit Dolac farmer’s market situated near Ban Jelačić square. There you will find fresh local fruit and vegetables, home-made cheeses and cream, fresh fish and meat as well as other home-made products.