Located in western part of Croatia right next to Istria, Kvarner region is a wonderful combination of sea, islands and highland all in one small area. It’s the only place where you can go skiing in winter with a view of the sea and swimming in summer while gazing up at the mountain tops. Read More


Kvarner is a mere few hour drive away from any larger city in Continental Europe while Rijeka airport makes it easy to get to by plane. Train travel has gotten popular over the years and it’s a great option because Kvarner region has railway connections to all parts of Europe.


Kvarner region has long been a favourite holiday spot for both Croatian and international families, and for good reason. Clean water, kilometres of sand and pebble beaches, nature all around wherever you go, fun children’s activities and events are just a few reasons why so many choose to visit. In June Lopar island’s sand beaches are transformed into works of art as a part of the Festival of Sand Sculptures event where artists create unusual sand sculptures in an effort to win first prize while only using sand (Lopar island’s souvenir) and water in the process. Crikvenica is also a popular holiday destination for families and if you decide to visit in July, Crikvart street art festival will delight both you and the children. Singers, actors, circus performers, acrobats, jugglers and other street performers will make the streets come alive while creating a unique atmosphere where everyone has fun.

Couples planning a romantic holiday will have their pick of things to do, see and explore. Surprise your significant other with an afternoon of dolphin watching in the archipelago of Cres and Losinj, go diving and explore sunken ships wrecks or go on a cultural tour of the region and learn about the rich history and cultural heritage. For those couples that would like nothing more but to relax and unwind, hotels on Opatija riviera are well known for their wellness centres dedicated to providing high quality service and a relaxing atmosphere.

Those looking to boost their health, treat a specific condition or even prevent one have quite a few choices as Kvarner region plays a major role in health tourism in Europe. Health resorts in Opatija, Crikvenica, Delnice, Skrad and on islands Veli Lošinj, Mali Lošinj, Rab as well as in towns situated in Gorski Kotar have been offering professional health and wellness services since the latter part of the 19th century.

Another form of true relaxation can be achieved by taking in the gorgeous scenery of Kvarner region whilst simultaneously doing a bit of exercise. Hiking and walking trails are spread across the region’s islands, coastline and inland and are suited for both active adventurists and less active nature lovers. Ucka Nature Park, Risnjak National Park as well as Rijeka Hiking Transversal, Kapela Hiking Trail and Gorski Kotar Mountain Trail all have starting points which are easily accessible by car. Kvarner region is also the home of 83 of 114 bird species considered to be endangered on the European soil. Take part in organised bird-watching tours, observe the majestic creatures in their natural habitat and learn about their eating, mating and nesting habits from professional guides.

As much as rest helps relax the body, physical activity helps relax the mind. Spending a few hours of your holiday being active will help you reduce stress, sleep better and improve your overall mood and if you try something new it will be that much more fun and memorable. Kvarner region offers quite a mixture of different sports activities you can try: swimming, diving, fishing, wakeboarding, parachuting and paragliding in the Adriatic sea and rafting on river Kupa during the warmer months while during winter months you can go skiing, snowboarding, trekking or sledding in Gorski Kotar mountain range.

After doing all those activities you will most certainly build up quite an appetite, luckily for you restaurants in the area serve delicious regional delicacies such as sheep’s cheese, prosciutto ham, fresh prawns and fish, maroons, lamb stew with traditional pasta Šurlice and many other sea food and meat dishes. While on holiday, most of us look for something unique and different to try and it doesn’t get more unique than sparkling wine that went through its fragmentation process 30 meters under sea. Valomet sparkling wine is the only one of its kind in the world, it tastes sublime and an added bonus is the beautiful bottle that looks like it was rescued from an old sunken ship, decorated naturally by the sea with shells and corals.

For a night out it’s best to choose Rijeka or Opatija although the region’s islands also have a lively atmosphere during summer season. Rijeka is known as the city of students because of its many universities and a large population of students, for that reason it also has a highly active nightlife all year long, followed closely by Opatija. Start out your evening by going to a casino to get your adrenaline going and maybe even win some spending cash for the night and then head on over to one of the bars or night clubs for some good music and great atmosphere.

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