St. Vincent’s Day – Vincekovo represents the first day of the new wine year for winegrowers. It is believed that if winegrowers visit their vineyards on the 22nd of January,  they will have a fruitful year. It is a day of celebration and feast. Different traditions, legends and stories are associated with Vincekovo which make it even  more special.


St. Vincent – The Patron of Winegrowers, Carpenters and Sailors

Sv. Vinko or Vincent of Zaragoza lived in Spain and was the victim of the last persecution of Christians by the notorious Diocletian. He was educated to a high standard for the time and was an eloquent speaker. Written evidence shows that he was severely tortured but he never gave up his faith. The connection between Saint Vincent and wine is said to be only in the name, derived from the Latin word for wine- Vinum, but there is also a legend that gives an alternative explanation. The legend goes that Saint Vincent was visited by angels after being tortured and that Dacian Emperor who ordered the torture, saw Vincent’s body glowing. After that the emperor started to believe and allowed Christians to visit Vincent in the cell where he was held. The visitors wiped off his blood and took it home with them as a form of  protection from evil spirits. The torture of Saint Vincent, crushing of his body and collection of his blood is similar the process of making wine with grapes being crushed and the liquid collected. That might explain why Saint Vincent’s day symbolises the new wine year.


Saint VINCENT of Saragossa, d. 304, patron saint of wine growers, 19th century engraving



Vincekovo is one of the biggest holidays celebrating wine and the process of making it. The day consists of a traditional opening ceremony and welcoming of the new year followed by a blessing of the vineyard and celebration of Saint Vincent. There is a ritual which has to be done during the day regardless of the weather. The winegrower must cut off three canes with young buds and put them in water next to a window. The quality of grapes in the following year can be speculated by observing the cuttings when they start rooting. The cuttings are then ‘blessed’ with old wine while the grapevines are decorated with smoked sausages, cured ham and dried ribs in hopes that the new year will bring prosperity. The rituals are accompanied by song and dance. Delicious homemade dishes are served and washed down with old and new wine. It is a celebration for all winegrowers and wine lovers.



There are some facts and some old wives’ tales about Vincekovo but the truth is that this day brings happiness, joy and laughter to all that participate, and if it turns out to be a good wine year why not believe it was Saint Vincent who helped in the process.


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